1st Construction Meeting, Nov. 30, 2012

Dorothy and Harold met with Bob Landegger for 2 hours on Friday afternoon. Items discussed:

  1. Turn-around time and contact chain when project decisions arise: Dorothy and Gail will be primary contacts, if unsure they will pass on to Gabriela, Harold and/or Sarah Cline, then Board;
  2. There are two types of personal cluster storage, in open but locked fencing and in closed Marborg container (not damp-proof), these are available on request by owners needing to store courtyard, patio, deck or garage items;
  3. Next Stonemark newsletter due out this week (Dec. 4?); slight delay in Window/Door installation because of change of vendor from Marvin to Milgard (in order to save $45,000 for custom sizing);
  4. Installation of solar panel blocking does not require access to attic through interior of house, but will be done by removing plywood roofing. Still, items in attic may need protection from dust and debris;
  5. Improvements to information flow–what owners need to  do by when (Bob will attend to this in cluster meetings);
  6. Delay in owner-replaced metal windows by Matt Van Dyck to provide for testing that these meet the project standards. Report from Vanderslice forensics expected Tuesday 12/4, no need for owners to be concerned;
  7. Harold will try to make summary videos of project progress, for those who are away or haven’t made it over to the site yet. He should run these by Jacklyn at Stonemark before posting them here;
  8. Parking on perimeter road has stopped. Workers will temporarily park in IV until the permits for creating parking in Devereux property have been obtained;
  9. Future use of common or generator electric power only (not private homeowners’, which can flip circuit breakers), study of water use will show costs of use of owners’ water; reclaimed common water can be used for initial pressure wash;
  10. The regular bi-weekly meeting time will be Mondays 11am-noon.
  11. Painting the mail and utility sheds is not part of the project. Stonemark will give the Board info on how these need to be prepped and painted.

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I've been an environmentalist since my college days in the 1970s (May 1977 Seabrook, New Hampshire occupation) , and am now a professor of German history at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
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