1st video walkaround, 4 weeks in (5:06 mins)

Wednesday Dec. 5, early afternoon, 4 weeks into the LRP: trellis, deck and stucco work (both demo and repair) ongoing.
Corrections to narrative: not a diesel electric generator, but yellow power station drawing from common power at pool, powering a compressor (you can see the thick cords running from house to house too–the generator is in the de-roofing video). The “scoring” in the courtyard refers to the removal of 18″ of tile around the perimeter. On future clusters it won’t be done until shortly before the new doors/windows are installed.
Note: right before I say I can’t get into a unit courtyard you can see the two disconnected solar panels on the roof.

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I've been an environmentalist since my college days in the 1970s (May 1977 Seabrook, New Hampshire occupation) , and am now a professor of German history at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
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1 Response to 1st video walkaround, 4 weeks in (5:06 mins)

  1. Cynthia Kaplan says:

    This is my second comment. (My first can be found after Dorothy’s summary.) Just a few comments for your information. 1) If you have had extensive water damage for a long time waiting for repairs, this may have resulted in structural damage and the need to cut and replace parts of headers. This is major construction and requires the approval of the engineer on the project. Given the Winter weather, delays due to getting the engineer’s approval can delay progress. Not clear exactly how this delay happened between the engineer, Bob, Bobbie, and Jimmy. We are ‘almost’ done in repairing/replacing the header which supports not only the deck, but the wall of my house. 2) Removal of a header may also require new electrical wiring in the garage because the old wiring went through the header. This can require two visits by the electrician with you turning on and off circuit breakers. 3) Be aware that the sealant used on the deck gives off toxic fumes. Well, these are just a few notes for those of you who may confront MAJOR reconstruction on your condo. I must particularly praise Bobbie and Jimmy for watching progress by their crew and insisting on doing the best job possible, and not accepting a cheaper approach to repairs. Don’t worry, the most expensive repair would have been total replacement of the header and this was not done, but the solution is stronger, than the original header.

    My understanding from Jimmy is that they now know what they will do to our old metal windows and it may be possible to do all of this without removing the glass from the frame and possibly doing everything from the outside. This would be good news.

    If you didn’t read my previous comment, be aware that the hammering on the outside of the building can result in damage on the inside, for example, the florescent light bulb at the entrance falling and smashing on the floor.
    Good Luck. Cynthia 919

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