Video of de-roofing, 3rd day in a cluster


<> (1:10 mins)

The concrete tile parts of the old roofing are being removed in advance of the main re-roofing project; the new “titanium” brand roofing paper is installed as full interim waterproofing. This is what that process looks (and sounds) like on the 3rd day after a cluster was started.
End of Day 4 of this cluster: 4 of 8 units had new roofing paper.
Day 5: concrete tiles, previously stacked on last 4 roofs, were put into the boom and removed, as was remaining old roofing paper.

About hmarcuse

I've been an environmentalist since my college days in the 1970s (May 1977 Seabrook, New Hampshire occupation) , and am now a professor of German history at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
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