Serious Problems in First Cluster


These are only my observations – others may disagree with fact, or point of view.  Let me begin by noting that I believe that Gail is on top of this having spent a great deal of time discussing how to move ahead on the project with, I believe, Bart.  My understanding is that the approach to doing the work on the project will change due to the problems which have occurred in Cluster 1.  I hope that the community will be informed about these changes in a timely matter.

Why changes?  Over the weekend 4 of the 7 units were damaged due to the rain.  I have not seen all of the homes affected.  My condo suffered from water in the area damaged during the water testing.  I now have a separation between the ceiling of the entrance area and the wall, plus a line of water damage half way down the wall.  An emergency roofer came and identified the problem on Sunday and I was told that the water would stop according to Bob on Monday.  I had learned that other units were damaged, but had no idea until yesterday how badly.  Two units have now had to have specialists in mold visit and one of these units has had to have dry wall removed from the living room and, I believe, but could be wrong a bedroom.  A floor also was badly damaged.  My opinion only, but this is major damage.  Yes, it will be fixed at no cost to us — although I bumped into someone – perhaps connected with the roofing co. who said it was ‘interesting’.  This is insulting given the major damage to the condo.  It appears that the temporary roof situation was not properly done.  (Note:  I have no proof of this.)  Another neighbor has a large hole above her stove and the dry wall there and behind the washer and dryer must be removed due to new water damage.  These are not minor problems.

Before evidence of water damage due to the construction appeared, I was going to note a PROBLEM IN COMMUNICATION and COORDINATION.  The memos being sent to the cluster as to planned work have no relationship to reality.  That there will be changes in timing, etc. is expected, but this  problem in which the memo from Stonemark states one time-table and the information on the ground from workers says that the materials have not even arrived – in this case, doors, is disturbing.  Only through casual conversations by myself and neighbors have we pieced together possible schedules which are WEEKS different from those in the memo received.  Even one of the construction firms is NOT in the loop on the schedules which are being sent out.  (This I report based on speaking with the owner of the construction firm who was kind enough to look at my water damage, but who I met by chance in front of my condo.)

Having said all this, we understand that schedules change, etc. and problems can arise, but as one who many years ago studied organizational theory, at the moment, the project is not being very well coordinated.  As noted at the top of this message, I believe that our President is on top of this and has been in discussions to change how this is being done.  Other clusters will benefit from this, but cluster #1 has major problems which remain disturbing.  We began in the middle of November and packed up our houses.  One schedule said that we would be done by Feb. 15th.  Now, I have heard that some scheduled work has been stopped (edging around metal windows), but that work will begin on the replacement doors and windows on Jan. 28th.  I LOOK FORWARD TO RECEIVING IN THE NEXT WEEK AT LEAST A SHORT MEMO INFORMING CLUSTER #1 HOW THE WORK WILL GO FORWARD.    Other members of community have a less pressing need to know, but those with damaged homes really deserve an update even if without full details.  Yes, members of cluster one have been tolerant and perhaps, even gracious, but the nature of the damage due to construction – not inconvenience – needs to stop.  As noted, I know that this is being worked on and hesitated to comment on the coordination of work problem, but due to the serious problems over the weekend felt that this now will affect everyone.  Cynthia Unit 919


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2 Responses to Serious Problems in First Cluster

  1. cskaplan says:

    As this morning, Thursday, Jan. 10th, ServPro has been scheduled to remove drywall from my entrance area and install a fan in order to prevent mold. I was told that the major time consideration would be putting up scaffolding in my entrance area in order to reach the ceiling and mid-wall area. They arrive tomorrow at 8:00am and promised to show me how to turn the fan off, if it prevented me from working/sleeping, etc.

  2. cskaplan says:

    Well, the saga continues. Now it will take 6 hours today putting in and taking out scaffolding, removing drywall, taking out wet material, and setting up a fan. Monday and Tuesday they will also need access to check and remove the fan and an environmental inspection. And, of course, we then need to have the entire area repaired.

    I have asked to know exactly who and how Stonemark is conducting quality control of contractors. I was told that the contractors were doing their own quality control, but that this would change. I think we as a community need to know exactly how this will change and who is going to be doing the inspection. All the leaks in Cluster #1 now being repaired are due to problems with how the roofing was done.

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