Jan. 10, 2013 (Thursday) Harold’s Construction Meeting notes

  1. Marty Kim is co-managing with Bob Landegger until the project becomes more routinized. Right now we have a “perfect storm” of heavy rains, needing to develop procedures and solution details for various things (flashing, ledgers), ramping up delivery of materials (doors but not windows have arrived [or vice versa]), coordinating with the homeowner replacement of metal windows, etc.
  2. Working with UCSB facilities inspector (Rick Whitehead) is going smoothly so far.
  3. Solar panels. Vanderslice has approved the solution. The leak into the master bedroom on one unit in the 920s (and perhaps one in the 900s) was determined to be unrelated to the construction, but deterioration of solar system gaskets. Geoff was called in, and Mike from Mac’s solar. Mike has been subcontracted by the roofer to unhook and reconnect the panels, and will monitor this.
  4. Reviewing invoices, in particular change orders (items not in original bid documents, such as the satellite electrical stations, so that power drawn from common, not individual homes): Bob, then John, then Ralph at Stonemark. The “spider” stations are secured every afternoon because they are valuable and easy to steal, but the heavy trunk cables are not, since it is time consuming (costly) and not risky to leave them out. The spider stations were purchased for the project, can be resold later.
    Harold will give Bob a key to the decommissioned spa shed, so Bob can draw power for clusters 930s-50s from there. This electricity use is metered and billed separately.
    Bills for HOA work performed by LRP contractors (e.g. replacement of drywall removed prior to project) should be reviewed/approved by Geoff.
  5. Demolition for doors/windows in 910s has been stopped temporarily until the windows arrive (expected Jan. 23). Every effort is being made to “tighten up” any gaps between demo and replacement to minimize homeowner inconvenience.
  6. Advance deroofing has also been stopped because of the water intrusion problems in the 910s after construction restarted in January. This should minimize the amount of time there are any temporary openings in the building envelope. (see Stonemark’s Jan. 14 newsletter).
  7. Communication of work schedule. Lengthy discussion of (some) homeowners’ desire to know more detail about what will be happening on a given day and how disruptive it will be (note: demolition is LOUD!), and Bob/the contractors’ ability to say that with any precision, since they need flexibility. Bob will confer with SCM and contractors to see whether this can be improved. This would be detail beyond the general “windows” of work in the newsletters and cluster emails.
  8. Exterior stucco demolition around windows/doors creates dust and debris on the interior. Homeowners should in the future be given “fair warning” to mitigate this; contractors may be asked to install protective plastic sheeting. Bob will work on a solution to this (not in original bid).
  9. Too many loose nails are being left in carports and clusters. Owners beware; Bob will notify contractors to be more careful.
  10. Next meeting Tuesday Jan. 22, 11am.
  • If you have questions or concerns, relay them to Dorothy or Harold to discuss at the next meeting (or sooner if necessary).

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I've been an environmentalist since my college days in the 1970s (May 1977 Seabrook, New Hampshire occupation) , and am now a professor of German history at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
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2 Responses to Jan. 10, 2013 (Thursday) Harold’s Construction Meeting notes

  1. Harry Nelson says:

    Please remind the contractors not to `cut the corner’ when they proceed north out of our complex from the Devereux side… on money one of them in a pickup did that old trick, using the oncoming traffic lane (southbound) into the complex to avoid going around the traffic island with the coral tree at our entrance. I was riding in on my bike and was face to face with him, until he swerved (after passing the island) back into the northbound lane. I’d say he was doing 25mph and a bit distracted (cell phone or radio) until he saw me. I was preparing to jump off my bike into the weeds on the Devereux side.

  2. Harry Nelson says:

    (that is … on `Monday’)

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