Jan. 14 “Anticipated Weekly Plan” from Stonemark

Jacklyn sent this on Jan. 11 (also as pdf):

Week of January 14, 2013: Anticipated Construction Activities

Dear WCP Homeowners,

Work will continue as scheduled for already begun activities for all homes except for the following new tasks listed below.

New Task: Cluster / Units 911-919. Deck Door Framing Work

Field measuring and minor construction work needs to be performed at the deck door pans. The doors will be accessed from the deck, unscrewed, and opened and closed as needed. The work is expected to take about 2 hours for each door. The workers will not physically enter your home to perform this work, but need the door open to access under the door pan. You need not be home to allow access, but for those who would like to be present, we offer this schedule:

Monday, Jan 14.
Unit 912: 9:30-11:00am
Unit 913: 11:00-12:30pm
Unit 914: 1:00-2:30pm
Unit 915: 2:30-4:00pm

Tuesday, Jan 15:
Unit 916: 8:00-9:30am
Unit 919: 9:30-11:00am

New Task: Cluster / Units 911-919. Garage Drywall Repairs: Access Required

The new deck drains have been installed and drywall repairs need to be performed where the lines were run in the garages. Drywall work is a several step process which usually takes a number of days. Expect the workers will need access into your garage every day until this work is done. If you will not be home to allow access, and are not comfortable leaving the door unlocked, please let us know with whom you will leave your key.

New Task: Cluster / Units 901 to 909.
Trellis Ledger Work: No Carport Parking During Day
Starting Monday, repair work will begin to the flat wood beams that connect the trellises to the buildings – what are termed “ledgers”. Until further notice, please do not park in your carport space during the day. The workers need a clear work area to perform the repairs. This repair work will proceed to the patio trellis ledgers next.

Roofing Strategy. It’s been decided that no further advance roof removals will take place until the roofers have caught up to their existing removals. All this rain is impacting the schedule and we need to be responsive. The roofers will focus on completing each roof before they move on. If your roof is currently in progress, expect that work will continue. If work has not yet begun on your home, you will be notified in an updated schedule (soon to be released) when work will commence. (Did you know that the Santa Barbara County Flood Control District states Goleta’s rainfall total is already 113% of normal?)

It bears repeating that this project is organized in an assembly-line process to be most cost-efficient. The nature of an assembly-line is to keep the project moving- wherever it requires it. We encourage all homeowners to shift your perspective and expectations, and understand that this method is likely very different from how you as an individual might manage a project in your own home. These Notices and Schedule projections are intended to outline general activities, not specific task commitments. Workers may or may not actually be working at your home on the days scheduled, or may appear only briefly. Schedules will vary depending on site conditions, weather, etc. In the event of a rain day, assume any pre-scheduled activity, and the schedule as a whole, will be pushed back to the following non-rain day.

Please call us if you have questions — we’re happy to help.

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2 Responses to Jan. 14 “Anticipated Weekly Plan” from Stonemark

  1. When we are only dealing with scheduling a handful of units, it is important to check to see if someone can be available at the appointed time. This is not possible for me in 919. Had someone inquired, I could have said that any time Monday would be fine, or earlier Tues at 8am, or as I wrote to Bob at 1:00pm. While this is minor for some people, this is the source of my original leak in the garage and there is no permanent floor on the inside of the deck door. Unit 919

  2. Harry Nelson says:

    The rainfall of 8.2 inches at Los Carneros is 48% of the annual Goleta total of 16.93 inches. The 113% is relative to that expected so far in the season… through January 11, that expectation is 7.3 inches.

    So far, this is not an exceptionally wet year, and the wettest months are yet to come… February is the wettest, followed by January and then March (January and March are roughly equal).

    1998 was an exceptionally wet year, with total rainfall in Goleta of about 47 inches, nearly triple or 300% the average. 1995 was also wet, with total rainfall about 40 inches.

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