Tue Jan. 22 construction meeting notes

Window/door order: The windows for the 910s are now on site (900s due at end of Jan.), but the doors have been delayed substantially and are not expected until Feb. 21. W/D are being ordered in batches because of slight variations in size in each unit, so that individual measurements in each cluster are necessary.
Deck doors are in and will be installed asap, since decks can’t be closed until that work is done.

Timetable: Because of this delay, the 910s window demo is on hold, and construction completion there is 1 month behind schedule (March 1 not Feb. 1). For other clusters the start dates and completion dates remain the same so far.
Request: in the next newsletter to provide an updated master schedule with only 2 columns, since the roofing work will no longer be proceeding ahead of the main work.

Stucco color: Sto has provided samples of our 3 colors, but only the pink has passed the architect’s muster. New red and yellow samples are being prepared. Once the architect approves, they will be presented to the Board.
Bob will also ask Sto for a bid including the utility sheds and mail kiosks, since there may be a substantial cost savings to the Association to have this work done with the LRP work.

Communications with homeowners: Bob will provide a list of things that are planned for each week (at the end of the preceding week?). These weekly lists will “tighten up” once all items are on hand and procedures refined.
Request: give special detail when homeowners need to prep an area (clear off a deck, courtyard, or cover furniture or attic items).

Owner-installed windows: Matt van Dyke is working this out with the other contractors directly, and will be performing his work at the same time they do.

Carport side lattice: Bob is working on getting an estimate for not replacing the bracket over the “third” column that is slated for removal by the Association under the new design.
Back patio trellises: a price is being worked out for a change order involving not having a ledger across the back.

Devereux parking update: UC is still working through legal issues. Storage needs to be within 100′ of property for insurance reasons. A storage container is now located there. Parking access will be from Slough Road, but workers can access the complex directly through a gate in the fence. Discussion of which of the two vehicle access routes at the entrance of the complex is better (one coming up from the slough, the other entering/exiting perpendicular within the complex). No landscaping should be done there at this point.
Note for Bob: Brian has replaced Colin as Plowboy’s WCP landscaping manager.

Update on leak damage to several units in the 910s: the walls/ceilings have been dried out, and FCG environmental consulting has given the go-ahead for further repairs. Bob will schedule this with the owners directly.
UPDATE Thursday during rain: a unit reports some leakage into back patio thresholds where demolition has begun; two conjoined units have a leak from the unfinished decks into their garage walls. 😦  Bob is on site and working on this.

Next meeting: scheduled for Tue, Feb. 5, 11am.

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I've been an environmentalist since my college days in the 1970s (May 1977 Seabrook, New Hampshire occupation) , and am now a professor of German history at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
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