Feb. 5 construction meeting notes

Harold & Dorothy met with Bob Landegger for about an hour on Tuesday. Points covered:

  • Construction update: the new back patio trellis solution (without a ledger on the “long” side) is being implemented in the 900s (too bad it was not realized in time for the 910s).
    The first new deck door has been installed, others to follow soon.
  • Door delivery is expected very soon, but no confirmed date yet. They have been fabricated, but are now out being pre-hung in their frames.
  • Traffic: Bob will explain to the contractors that they should not “cut the corner” by using the wrong lane when leaving the complex from the 900-920s side, nor when entering the 930s-970s side.
  • Exterior surface waterproofing: this week the Sto ‘mesh’ coat will start being applied to walls that are entirely re-stuccoed.
  • Finish coat: new color samples are expected Feb. 6. The Board will be notified to inspect them. This coat will be applied to some wall surfaces in some clusters at different times (i.e., not all at once in the same span of time).
  • Devereux surge space: Bob is still waiting for a response from Chuck Klein at BAP (Asst. Dir. of Capital Development) whether he will walk the property before the contract is ready for signature, in case the walk yields items that should be changed in the contract.
  • Exterior light fixtures: The existing ones will be put back up where they were taken down, unless they are non-functional or too deteriorated. It is unclear who will make this determination. The project bid provided for a 25% replacement rate, with a model by Evergreen proposed by DesignArc. There are 5 or 6 (does this include the light under the house number?) such exterior lights on each unit. Some points to note:
  1. If only one of the pair over the main entrance in the courtyard is non-functional, the lights may not match after reinstallation.
  2. If owners want to replace any or all of their still-functional lights, they must provide the lights by the time they are reinstalled. It is unclear whether they will know whether any lights would be replaced by the project before they need to make the decision.
  3. Where to find replacements? Dorothy found a similar model (cast aluminum) on amazon for $30 each (17 in white are in stock). Harold saw similar but lower quality ones at OSH or Home Depot. You may be able to substitute fixtures from your living room if you still have the originals and want to upgrade those. The ARB did not rule out any designs; it specified only that any replacements must be white.
  4. Harold will prepare a survey to see how many owners care about this and whether anyone wants to get together for a group order from a vendor.
  5. If an owner has replacement lights, at this point the procedure to get them into the process would be to send Bob an email with their name, unit number, the number of light fixtures they have and the places they should be installed. When the time comes Bob would arrange that they replace the lights that were taken down.
  • Insurance: the project has liability insurance.
  • Next meeting: Tuesday, Feb. 19 at 11am.
    Send any questions you want answered to Harold or Dorothy (or post them here as comments).

About hmarcuse

I've been an environmentalist since my college days in the 1970s (May 1977 Seabrook, New Hampshire occupation) , and am now a professor of German history at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
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2 Responses to Feb. 5 construction meeting notes

  1. cskaplan says:

    Comment on Exterior Lights: Please note that when work was being done, an exterior light was left hanging on the outside of the garage. Since we have had rain, there is water inside the light. This is the result of construction practices. The fixture according to one workers can no longer be used when i asked if I could turn the lights on. It is hanging by wires as left by the construction workers. I believe that I have extra lights removed from my living room. Harold – How should we go about either having the lights like the one damaged replaced and/or make a light fixture we have available. Thanks. Cynthia Unit 919

    • hmarcuse says:

      Hi Cynthia, at the point I think the best thing to do would be to send an email to Bob as described in 5 above. The contractor hasn’t purchased any lights for replacements yet, so I don’t know how aware they are of the situation. And your case is a special one, since your unit as a stand-alone might get its final stucco at a different time (earlier?) than the rest. In any case, no lights will be reinstalled until the final stucco color coat is on–when that happens the time for increased vigilance will be upon us.

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