Plant removal & outdoor lighting (3/14 email from Gail)

Hi WCPers:

1.  A decision has been made to replace all the outdoor lights.  There are 6 lights on each unit.   You may see the selected fixture on line at:

You may also come to my house to see the actual fixture.  The fixture will be in the courtyard.  The courtyard door will be open early in the morning before 9 AM and in the late afternoon between 5-7 PM between now and March 21.   You do not need to ring the doorbell.  Just come in.   Please do not remove the light fixture.  It is the only one we have.  The cost of these fixtures will be absorbed by the Project.  You do not have to indicate your approval or acceptance.

If you prefer to purchase your own fixture, you may do so.  It must be white, capable of receiving a compact fluorescent bulb.  It must also be approved by the Project architect (an ARB imposed restriction).  IF YOU INTEND TO PROVIDE YOUR OWN FIXTURE, YOU MUST LET BOB LANDEGGER KNOW BY  5 PM ON MARCH 22.  His e-mail address is Bob Landegger <>.  Homeowners who provide their own fixtures pay for them themselves and are responsible for having them at their home for installation on the date that Bob provides to them.  

2.  In order to apply the Sto coating properly, the workers need about 2 feet clearance around the exterior of your home, including the insides of the patios.       This work is already beginning and will continue apace as necessary.  The “removal” be will achieved in three ways:  plants will be cut back, plants will be tied back and plants will be removed.  If you have concerns about a special plant, please contact Bob Landegger immediately.  His e-mail is:  Bob Landegger <>.[Note 3/15: Bob told Harold that Gail is now taking over this task]  He will make an appointment with you to survey your situation.  He’s pretty good at finding ways to meet homeowner needs, but we cannot promise anything in advance.  The project requirements will have to come first.  There is no need to contact Bob if you are willing to leave removal decisions to the Project.  Bob is hoping for only a few requests from those with special interests.  Please note that while Plowboy is doing the plant removal and also doing its usual WCP work, the two jobs are completely separate and funded from different budgets.  Therefore, please do not give your preferences to Plowboy.  They may not get to the right person.

3.  VERY IMPORTANT.  If you have a need or a request regarding how the project is realized at your home, you must contact Bob Landegger:  Bob Landegger <>.  You may simply ask: please call me.  Questions to or requests of workers just do not count.  The workers have no authority for scheduling, for installation matters, for problem-solving, etc.  We have a recent situation where a parent planned to take her young child from the house during the deck coating process.  She asked the workman when that would occur.  Unfortunately, the workman got it wrong and her child was  exposed to the fumes.  Please go directly to Bob Landegger with your needs.

Thank you for your attention to these three matters.

About hmarcuse

I've been an environmentalist since my college days in the 1970s (May 1977 Seabrook, New Hampshire occupation) , and am now a professor of German history at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
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