Scheduling updates & communications email thread

A homeowner asked on April 1:
Is this work schedule from December the latest timeline? It seems like its off by at least a couple of months. I think I am missing the latest schedule but can’t find a newer one. We’re trying to make plans for summer and fall and need to know when construction will arrive at the 960’s. I’ve talked with neighbors but they don’t seem to have an updated timeline either. Could you send us the revised schedule?
Thank you,
Gail responded:
In my latest conversation with Bart, the Project may be up to 2 months off target, with hopes of making up some of the time. Bart plans to give us a new schedule at our April 13 meeting. Why the delay? They are still figuring out the last glitches in the first cluster. They keep coming. So, a new schedule just seems to be perpetually around the corner. We are all aware that this is a problem. I explained to Bart the specific problem Professors have re scheduling. He gets it. I don’t think this helps, but them’s the facts as I know them.

Thank you for the update. It does help.

While I understand the difficulties of recalculating the dates more precisely, I also want to suggest that such an old calendar with obviously incorrect dates creates a real credibility gap. In public health communications (my field), its akin to a classic communications case study about how the Chinese government handled the SARS epidemic. The government experts, in their silence, appeared to be trying to cover things up, and the public perceived them as both untrustworthy and out of control. I’m sure that’s not the image that Stonemark wants to convey.

Being proactive with communications and honest, even when the entire picture is not yet clear, is how experts build trust. Stonemark is going to look more on top of things and more respectful of homeowners if the calendar is updated monthly.

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  1. hmarcuse says:

    From Harold’s Apr. 2nd construction meeting notes:

    Scheduling. The general contractor still isn’t providing updates to the overall schedule, so Stonemark is developing its own with the plan of getting the contractor(s) to buy into it. This will be released at the April 13 Town Hall. There will be liquidated damages assessed if the project is not completed on time, so the contractors have an incentive to keep to the timeline that Stonemark prepares (although they are not/cannot be bound to it).

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