Email thread re: how much advance notice

Dear WCP Colleagues (the ones to whom this week’s [Mar. 29] email from Jacklyn Wolf was addressed):

Two questions for all of you:

(1) This week’s email from Jackyln Wolf mentions nothing about interior access for work on “drywall”. Have any of you had requests for access this week for interior work on drywall, and if so, how much notice did you get?

(2) Is it your understanding, also, that we are supposed to be given three days notice for requests for access to the inside of our home?

(A note regarding question 2: I’m well aware that may of us, including [us in the 910s], are routinely providing access, as a courtesy, on far less notice than that. My question is about what we were led to believe was the “standard”—not what we may have been providing in practice, as a courtesy to help the project along in spite of the lack of advance notice.)

Answer 1:

1. No requests for access for drywall so far this week, but not all our new doors have been installed yet. Did need to let guys in to prepare to remove the last set of downstairs doors this morning, which I was told about maybe 3 minutes before they showed up.

2. I don’t remember if I ever had an expectation of 3 days’ notice for anything connected with this project! For what it’s worth, we did an extensive remodel several years ago, in which we came to understand the fluidity of construction schedules and the futility of expecting the actual work to follow the schedule. And we had the world’s best contractor. I do a lot of work from home, so I hear the noise and experience the interruptions. I don’t enjoy it, but I’ve found I cope best by expecting that noise and interruptions could occur any time the workers are here.
Answer 2:

We had some dry wall work conducted without notice. Its fine with us as we understand the workers are under immense pressure to finish of many tasks as rapidly as possible on multiple units simultaneously. We also want our unit finished as quickly as possible, and are resigned to total chaos until about June (!). Therefore, we have a basically an open door policy that allows the workers to do their jobs as easily as possible whenever they request. We understand that it is extremely loud and annoying work, so try to find the humor in it all, and when one of our family complains (usually me), we kid them unmercifully.

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