Blue or White windows and doors?

Dear Homeowners:

Here’s another choice for you, and, of course, we need an immediate response. Hi ho!

The question is about windows/doors. First let me define terms and set the table.

A window/door has an INTERIOR side. That’s the side you would see, for example, when sitting in your living room.
A window/door has an EXTERIOR side. That’s the side you would see, for example, when standing in the courtyard.
A window/door can be SEEN FROM THE STREET or NOT SEEN FROM THE STREET. The downstairs courtyard doors/windows + utility door cannot be seen from the street. All other doors/windows can be seen from the street.
The standard of the remediation project has been “match existing.” Using that standard, we planned that all exterior window/door surfaces would be painted blue. The metal windows will not be newly painted.
The interior window/door surfaces can be painted/stained however a homeowner chooses. Our question is only about the exterior of the doors/windows.

Because the exterior of the downstairs courtyard windows/doors + utility cannot be seen from the street, we have decided to offer most homeowners the opportunity to keep these downstairs courtyard doors/windows + utility the natural white color that comes from the factory.


If you choose factory-delivered white for the downstairs courtyard windows/doors + utility door:

1. You will NOT have to paint these window/doors in the future. Painting them is a homeowner responsibility.
2. The Project will receive a $520 credit per unit.
3. Your downstairs courtyard doors/windows will NOT match upstairs courtyard windows, i.e., the Juliette window/door and the upstairs courtyard square window and the elevated living room windows will still be painted blue because they can be seen from the street.

Please note, the blue color may not be the exact blue you now have. Paint colors fade; our effort to match may not have been perfect. You may see the blue that will be used for the windows/doors at #912 (Gonzalez) from 7AM-5PM. You may see the white factory door-window at #902 (Humphreys) from 7AM-8PM. The front gates will be open. Please do not ring the door bell.

Special information for those living in the 900’s and 910s. The contractor already has been painting some of the doors/windows here and off-sight. If yours has been painted or primed, then you will not have the option to choose “factory-delivered white.” Since there are some uncertainties, please respond with your preference. We will straighten things out ASAP. Your response is important.

The Project needs to continue the window/door painting. We do not want to be blamed for delaying the project. Please reply to me (not the entire group) BY 5 PM on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10.

E-mail “BLUE” or “WHITE” and PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR UNIT NUMBER. I need 63 responses. Those who do not answer by Wednesday at 5 PM will get blue windows/doors.


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I've been an environmentalist since my college days in the 1970s (May 1977 Seabrook, New Hampshire occupation) , and am now a professor of German history at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
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4 Responses to Blue or White windows and doors?

  1. hmarcuse says:

    This issue sparked an extended discussion on email, which I’ll insert here and in the following comments. The bottom line is that NOT allowing visible white windows was an ARB (Architectural Review Board) decision in 2012 (in which 3 WCP members participated–two as voting members–by the way), I’ll post that document as well.
    Hi Gail — any chance we could just leave white (color of doors as they arrive)? I think this would be much more aesthetically appealing and a welcomed cost savings as well (perhaps could go to new light fixtures for above house numbers).
    My apologies if not specific but am asking if possible to leave all doors and windows (even those seen from the street) white. Thanks!!
    I strongly agree that all white on ALL new doors and windows seen from street and not seen from the street would be preferable for both looks and costs.

    Jeannie #924
    I think Kary and Jeannie have raised an interesting question about whether the exterior windows could be white. I’ll put in a dissenting vote and ask that we keep the exterior color blue.

    Now I’d like to suggest that we do not all send in our individual opinions about exterior paint color.

    I leave it to the board and our “aesthetics” committee to determine whether its even an option at this point to change exterior windows to white, and whether they want to survey people about that option.

    I would like to ask who is on the Aesthetics committee. I volunteered, completed a survey regarding availability and then never heard from anyone.
    Yes, who is the WCP aesthetics committee?
    If we keep the white color of doors on the outside it is going to clash
    with the blue color of windows from the outside. Not everybody is
    changing their windows.

    Also, the two houses that were redone last year have all their windows
    and doors in white are they going to be painted blue from the outside as
    well? I am talking about the units in 911.

    Tuesday, 10:09pm

    There are a number of you who picked up on Kary’s wish for white for all windows/doors. The ARB vetoed that option some months ago.

    The active members of the aesthetics committee are Kary O’Brien, Gabriela Soto Laveaga, and Inga Bjornsdottir. This committee appeared full blown, not as a creation of the board, and not peopled as a result of a board decision. (A single board member may have started the ball rolling.) Despite its informal and spontaneous beginnings, the board greatly values its work. Kary was overlooked on the first few calls, but then fully included. We are very happy to have her participation! In addition to the aesthetics committee, those members of the board who have time to deal with the aesthetics choices have also been active in the decision-making. Many of the major decisions were made at open, announced board meetings to which all homeowners were invited and where their input was/is always welcome.

    Alert/Alert. Some of you responded to Kary’s suggestion for white for all windows/doors, but did not indicate your blue/white choice for the courtyard. You will automatically get blue unless you do make a choice. Your preference for all-white for every window/door should not distract you from making the necessary choice related to ground-floor courtyard windows/doors, blue or white.

    Again, please include your house number when you indicate your choice.

    Hope to see you Saturday, April 13 at 9:30, building 594, the PF Learning Center Building, for our meeting with Bart Mendel.

    The next comment will contain some information on the ARB meeting.

    • hmarcuse says:

      In the minutes of the Oct. 9, 2012 regular Board meeting I included the following summary of the ARB meeting at which the window colors was discussed. I’d like to note that this was a very difficult meeting to organize and schedule, and that it occurred at a time when the Board had marathon annual budget prep meeting and the contractor bid meeting with Stonemark.

      Sept. 21, 2012 ARB Meeting. Building 594, 3-4:30pm, attendees: Gail Humphreys, Sarah Cline (substitute for Allison Moehlis), Boris Shraiman, Diana Almaraz, John Gaffney, Willie Brown, Dennis Whelan, Marc Fisher, Jack Wolever, Bart Mendel, Bruce Bartlett.

      DesignArc’s overall plan and details were approved 5-0.

      Exterior light fixtures and doorknobs: as long as they remain the same color and provide for a weathertight seal, homeowners can choose (and pay for) their own new fixtures. Homeowners can choose between the proposed knobs and handles for doors. Passed 5-0.

      Metal window replacements: Upstairs large square window above main entrance may be made operable as long as it matches the character of the development, with a uniform appearance. For other windows owners may choose between awning, slider or fixed windows (and double hung in upstairs bathroom). The color must remain the same; improvements will have a 27.5 year depreciation. 5-0.
      The relevant passage from the actual minutes of this late Friday afternoon meeting is as follows:

      “Marc Fisher suggested that the window above the main entrance keep the same basic pattern. Also, expressed that color was critical and that is should remain the same as well. John Gaffney suggested that everything should remain in a uniform appearance.

      “Motion by Willie Brown to have ARB Board approve the opportunity for homeowners to change upstairs large square window above main entrance as long as it matches the character of the development, with a uniform appearance. Also, approving the choice between awning, slider or fixed windows and double hung window in upstairs bathroom. Colors to remain the same with 27.5 year depreciation. 5-0 approval, motion passed.”
      FINALLY, I note that the windows installed in 917/918 are vinyl clad, and canNOT be painted (as our fiberglass, which is a more durable product, can be). Vinyl comes only in a very limited palette of colors, so white was allowed as the closest match.

  2. hmarcuse says:

    In the end, 11 units (of 63) decided to leave their not-visible-from-the-outside courtyard doors and windows white, even though all others will be blue. Of course the entry “gate” doors are white, as are the trellises, so white isn’t an entirely new color seen from inside or out.

  3. kevinross says:

    I think natural white color is quit good or healthy look…because of some reflective nature, white color give cooling inside the home….and your blogging section is also superb because some useful discussion which will definitely help us…keep it up.

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