Apr. 30 Construction Meeting notes

Harold, Dorothy and Bob met from 11:13am to 12:35.

Progress Report: The scaffolding is coming down in cluster 1. Final adjustments are being made to the double doors, so that the deadbolts line up properly, and the jam bolts seat properly. (The new jam bolts aren’t as long as the current ones.)
Cluster 1 still to go: interior baseboards, courtyard tile edge caulking, window/door painting, clean-up. Once the project says it is done, there will be an opportunity for owners to raise concerns and create a “punch list” of final items that they think should be addressed.

Courtyard tiles. The new ones that have been installed look very good, but those that remained during construction look very poor after all the construction debris and traffic. The project will do a final clean (stickers off glass for example)–will it be more than sweeping? To be determined. There will be a special caulking at the grout joint where the courtyard tiles meet the wall under the weep screeds.
If an owner wants different tiles around the perimeter, they must supply tiles and have them on hand when installation begins. Owners also have the option of telling the project to replace nothing, and then doing the whole courtyard themselves after the project. Or, this would be preferable, to demo the entire courtyard PRIOR to the project’s demo. There would be no monetary credit from the project for this, however (too complicated).

Stucco color: An acceptable color for the yellow was found, so all three colors are now final. This color is in the plaster; the metal fixtures (chimney & vent caps) have a paint color that matches.

Schedule update: Bob is still working on the master schedule. He’ll also have a breakdown of what happens when during the 10-week construction period when this is done.
Cluster 3 is starting courtyard tile & patio door demo this week, and scaffolding will go up next week.

Owner-installed windows: When will Matt bill for the additional head flashing? Unknown. Matt still has some touch-up painting work to do.

Painting non-Project windows blue: Bob still needs to provide a spec for this.

O’Hagin vents in tower roofs. These DO need to stay where they were on the front and back. This was architect Kevin’s decision.

Exterior light fixtures: They are expected to arrive tomorrow, May 1. The Association is paying for these, and only for light bulbs in the high fixtures, which will get fluorescents that won’t burn out often. Working old bulbs will be installed in the lower fixtures, UNLESS owners have their own bulbs available at installation time. How do owners supply their own bulbs? 1. Email Bob, who will inform contractors. 2. When the time comes, Bob or the contractor will ask the owners to leave the bulbs in their courtyard.
Doorbells will be restored to working order by the project.

Weep Screeds & Permeability. Harold again raised Harry’s concern about the permeability of the Sto coating that wraps at the weep screeds. We discussed how to address this at length. Harry should formulate a clear, direct question and send it via the Board to Bob. (There may be cost involved in researching the answer, so the Board would have to approve this.) Bob would consult with Bart and if circumstances warrant, involve the Sto rep (Sto has a 12 year warranty) and/or the applicator, with a cc to Vanderslice. Decision: Harold will clarify this with Harry (on the blog) and then inform Dorothy who will take it to the Board to decide whether to pass it on to Bob. We would like to avoid involving Vanderslice at this point, since he was previously unable to provide the proper assurances.

Window/door casings: The mullion end solution has been chosen (45 degree angle) and installed on some units. There may be some slight variation.

Bathroom vent testing/replacement protocol for owners. This is still pending, should be happing hoon.

Next meeting: Tuesday May 7, 2013, 11am.

PS. At the end we discussed whether the bracket supporting the carport trellises over the “3rd” column that will be removed under the new design should be left off. Since the work involved in removing the bracket and filling the bolt holes later as compared to now is minimal, ONLY if that entire beam is being replaced will the contractor be asked not to drill new bolt holes.

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3 Responses to Apr. 30 Construction Meeting notes

  1. Harry Nelson says:

    How frequently will the caulking in the courtyards (and also around the new windows) have to be replaced?

  2. The MOU specifies that annual inspections of the caulking will occur for 10 years after completion of the project. Details are, I think, spelled out in our contract with Stonemark. The idea is not to inspect all units each year, but a certain number on a rotating basis so that all will be inspected say every 5 years. Those inspections should give us information on how often maintenance (and replacement) of the caulking will be necessary. This would then be put into our reserve study.

  3. Harry Nelson says:

    Does the material used to caulk have an estimated lifetime or recommended rework schedule? I’m not seeking a legal answer, but a practical/technical one. Also, there is the importance of the backing rod for these caulk solutions… cannot be omitted. Thanks, Harry

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