May 14 Construction meeting notes

Harold and Bob met from 11:05am, Dorothy joined around 11:25, to 12:55.

Weep screeds. Harold and Bob discussed the weeps and whether they are blocked, and if so whether they need to be opened. Harold will have a look at these himself. If need be, they can be freed up after construction is complete.

Schedule update. Stonemark and the General Contractor have not yet come to an agreement on certain scheduling issues. Until they do, there won’t be an updated schedule, but Stonemark still hasn’t released an updated schedule. It should be ready very soon.
910s: doorbells working, courtyard tile cleaning still needs to be addressed.
900s: all w/d installed; 920s w/d install in progress and scaffolding going up
930s cluster meeting Thu. 5/16 for trellis demo start Mon. 5/20.

General order of work: Parameters: 10-12 weeks work on any given pod, from trellises off to final paint touch-up. Three phases, each about a month long:
1. trellises and upper deck and upper deck door: removed and replaced.
2. demo of patio borders and courtyard tiles, scaffold goes up, door/window demo on exterior/back side (boarded up), flashing work, reinstall; demo on interior/courtyard side, flashing work, reinstall, remove scaffolding
3. finish stucco work, roofing is completed, replace courtyard tile, interior dry wall+texture+casings.
The middle month is by far the most disruptive, the others not nearly as bad.

Landscaping replacement: The Board will be discussing this at next meeting.

Exterior light fixtures: Some have been installed in the 910s–not exciting, but “cleaner” than old.
Bulbs: Bob will do pricing so Gail can send out email with options, namely: supply own, pay for compact fluorescents on monthly Association bill, reuse the removed old ones.

Inspections. Rick has had a problem, so both Rod Jenkins (did 917-18) and Tom are doing it now.

Door Threshold detail: Inswing and fixed doors can either have a wood “shoe” ($25 per door), or a metal clip to cover the raised area, which is cheaper (ca. $7 perhaps). This is being decided. Costs will come out of contingency.

Deck surface: flat spot issue is being addressed. The surface will have 2 coats of gray, then color coat. The texture is finer than earlier repairs, but not as smooth as the last complex-wide resurfacing.

Attic vent testing/replacement protocol for owners. Bob spoke with John Woolley, explained how to do it. Existing ones like dryer vents, with flaps, can be reused.

Next meeting: not set, suggested Tuesday June 4, 2013, 11am.

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I've been an environmentalist since my college days in the 1970s (May 1977 Seabrook, New Hampshire occupation) , and am now a professor of German history at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
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