Cathy’s 5/17 930s Cluster Meeting notes

Work on the 930s cluster is scheduled to begin Monday May 20 with trellis removal, followed by demolition of the deck, reframing, and waterproofing.  Cars should be out of the carports by 7:30 for 1-2 weeks.  During this first phase, there will be noisy plaster removal (about 12″ around the deck door and the edges of the deck), the deck will be removed and reframed, then the trellis will be rebuilt [Harold: no, the deck trellises will not be replaced, only the patio and carport ones] in a way that does not invite leaks, and the plaster will be patched.  The bottom of the door will be cut away, with a sheet of plastic taped securely to seal the open space.  The process of waterproofing the deck involves three separate applications of a strong-smelling Tuflex coating.  Sensitive individuals can ask Bob for a warning so they can be out of the house during and after application.  Be sure to ask Bob directly, as the workers have very little control or knowledge about what they will be asked to do next.  Bob emphasized that the coating is not considered to be particularly toxic, and protective gear is not required for the workers, but some individuals are particularly sensitive.  This entire first phase is estimated to take about one month.

Phase II includes removal of the tiles around the edges of the courtyard (requiring access to the courtyard) and temporary replacement of the rear doors and tall windows with plywood (requiring brief access to the interior of the house).  Scaffolding will be installed.  Plaster will be removed around the rear doors and windows.  Gail recommends covering all furniture, and the utility room door vents, with plastic during this dusty process.  Breakable objects should be wrapped and stored safely.  There will also be work on the back patios and the low walls around patios.  A trench will be cut around back patio edges adjacent to walls and doors.  The Tuflex coating will be used on these trenches on two different occasions.  After this work on the rear of the house is completed, and the rear doors and windows are installed, the plywood will be moved to the courtyard doors and windows, including the Juliette doors.  The plaster removal and Tuflex waterproofing will proceed around the edges of the courtyard.  The second phase is also estimated to take about one month.

Phase III includes drywall repair and trim, plaster patching, plastering, Sto waterproof coating over the stucco, installation of new outdoor lights.  And probably other things I forgot to write down. [Harold: also patio concrete pouring and replacement of courtyard tile perimeter, as well as last areas of roof tiles are installed after the stucco walls they abut are finished.]

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I've been an environmentalist since my college days in the 1970s (May 1977 Seabrook, New Hampshire occupation) , and am now a professor of German history at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
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