May 31 Stonemark Newsletter re: June 3-7

Monday, June 3 through June 7:  Anticipated Construction Activities

Access is assumed unless we hear from you otherwise.

I.     Cluster/ Units 901 through 909:   Access Required All week. 

  • Final adjustments and trim details will be started this week beginning at Unit 901 and working numerically to Unit 909.
  • Bob Landegger will double-check details after these adjustments.
  • Courtyard exterior finish detailing is ongoing.

II.  Cluster/ Units 911-916:  Access Required All week.

  • Final adjustments and trim details will be started this week beginning at Unit 901 and working numerically to Unit 909.
  • Bob Landegger will double-check details after these adjustments.
  • Carpet will be tied back down after finish trim is verified as complete and correct.
  • Address placards & exterior lights reinstallation is ongoing.

III.  Cluster/ Units 911-919:
Roof Drain Testing: Access Required 8 am to 2pm Wednesday, June 5.
Please confirm you will provide Access.

  • Final Roof Drain Testing will be performed to confirm that the joint at the roof level has been properly executed.
  • You’ve all been through this, but see below for details on the process.

IV. Cluster/ Units 921 through 928:  Access Required All Week

  • Installation of the new door & window units at the courtyards will begin at Unit 921 early in the week and proceed from there around the cluster.
  • Roofing work continues. Keep your doors & windows closed because of the dust.  Please be careful in the work areas.

V.    Cluster/ Units 931 through 938:

  • Removal and reinstallation of the deck & carport trellises has begun.
  • Please do NOT park in your carport until you see your trellis has been removed. Then you can resume parking there.
    [Harold’s note: even then, I’d avoid it–the workers use that access for their ladders, freeing up the center for vehicles. And: sawdust flies.]
  • Demolition and re-framing to the decks is ongoing.
  • Part of the deck demolition is cutting down the deck door. This requires access.  The doors will be screwed shut from the outside each evening.
  • Once the re-decking process has begun, do NOT lock the deadbolt until further notice!!

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I've been an environmentalist since my college days in the 1970s (May 1977 Seabrook, New Hampshire occupation) , and am now a professor of German history at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
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1 Response to May 31 Stonemark Newsletter re: June 3-7

  1. Harry Nelson says:

    I reviewed more weep screed covering at various units in the 910’s with a remote mirror… many of the positioning holes (not intended for weepage) are covered. Of course the gap intended for weepage is entirely covered. This is not standard construction technique nor is it consistent with stucco design, and brings risk of rot and fungus growth in our walls.

    I did see that elastomeric has been installed on many of the dining area windows in the 910’s. Was the backing rod inserted? Can I see the backing rod stock? The backing rod is important for preventing 3-point contact of the elastomeric which causes long-term failure of the elastomeric.

    Have water intrusion tests been performed on the finished windows, say, by hosing down the windows?

    What is the expected replacement lifetime of the elastomeric? Is the replacement an association responsibility or a homeowner responsibility? By the current CCR’s, it would appear to be a homeowner responsibility. It is not part of the plaster/paint. The design and execution of 917/918 did not have the elastomeric, and avoidance of this kind of responsibility division was one reason.

    Can an up-to-date version of all drawings for the project be made available? I’ve been asking this question for some months now. All existing drawings are clearly very different than the executed project.

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