June 10-14 Stonemark Newsletter

I. 900s:   Access Required All week.   

  • Final adjustments and trim details are ongoing.
  • Exterior finish detailing is ongoing.

II. 910s:  Access Required All week.   

  • Final adjustments and trim details are ongoing.
  • Punch list tasks are ongoing.  
  • Address placard reinstallation is just about completed.  

III. 920s:  Access Required All Week

  • Installation of the new door & window units at the courtyards is ongoing.
  • Once the new doors are set, the boxes are removed, and new drywall will be installed soon thereafter.  
  • Roofing work continues. Keep your doors & windows closed because of the dust.  Please be careful in the work areas. 

IV. 930s: 

  1. Please do NOT park in your carport until further notice between 7:30am to 5pm. This is until all the carport trellis repairs / repainting has been completed.
  2. Demolition and re-framing to the decks is ongoing.
  3. Part of the deck demolition is cutting down the deck door. This requires access.  The doors will be screwed shut from the outside each evening. Once the re-decking process has begun, do NOT lock the deadbolt until further notice!!
  4. Some homeowners still have belongings on their rear patios and courtyards that must be moved by Monday June 10. If any belongings still remain, and you are not present to direct where they should go, the contractors will move them.  
  5. Clarification on Courtyard demolition:  Our previous e-mail re concurrent demolition to the rear patios and courtyards deserves some clarification. This courtyard work does not include boxing up the doors yet. It involves demo’ing the perimeter in preparation for the new doors & windows.  
  6. On Day 1, the courtyard tile & concrete will be sawcut 18″ from the walls.
  7. On Day 2, the tile & concrete will be jack-hammered out. This will be very noisy and dusty, and produce a lot of concrete debris. Keep all doors & windows closed. Be safe: keep away from the courtyard, workers & equipment.  
  8. Egress. With your rear doors boxed in, and the courtyard a construction site during these 2 days, please enter & exit your home through the garage door.   
  9. While you will be able to come and go through the courtyards after-hours, we strongly encourage you to keep out of them altogether until the demolition has been completed and they are cleared of all debris.  

V. 940s:  Your Cluster Meeting will be Held this week. The logistics are currently being discussed- check your e-mail.

  • This is the type of weekly e-mail you can expect now that construction will be starting in your cluster.

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I've been an environmentalist since my college days in the 1970s (May 1977 Seabrook, New Hampshire occupation) , and am now a professor of German history at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
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