June 12 Construction Meeting notes & photo

Schedule update. SM released the tentative schedule to all contractors on Friday June 7.
910s: almost done, but still a few things left (window cleaning, securing carpet, dirt mounds, etc.).
900s: stucco color coating and final roof tile installation (over living room) progressing pod by pod. Entry courtyard tiling has begun as well.Image
920s: Window/door installation ongoing, some units are up to interior drywall work..
930s:.Boxing of study & kitchen windows will be completed this week. Proceeding clockwise from the other end, demo of the entry courtyard tiles will be completed as well.
940s: first cluster meeting this Thursday June 13.

As-built drawings: Changes etc. should all be documented in submittals and meeting notes on Procore website.

Water testing of completed units? None is planned for the windows/doors–just the roof drains, which have a pre- and a post-test. The latter backs up onto the roof to test the connection between drain and pipe.

Question regarding use of elastomeric (and backing rods) on dining area windows in 910s: caulking is being used (is this what elastomeric means?), as submitted, documented and approved by the waterproofing consultant; see the ProCore website. Backing rods are foam inserts behind the caulking, less than pinky thickness around. Backer rods are being used. Lifetime of caulking not known offhand, but is in the submittals. Discussion of annual inspections being used to determine how caulking is holding up. Question should be addressed to the waterproofing consultant.

Window Screens: they have just arrived, Bobby will contact owners about installation.

Skylights: Gail will be consulting with aesthetics about this. Ours have two “lenses.” Bristollite’s colors are white opaque, smoke (tinted), clear. Usually clear on the inside, smoke on the outside. They are plastic, which can scratch during cleaning. Budget is $13,500, so about $200+/skylight, so not many options here.

Landscaping replacement: Sewer clean-out access (under kitchen window)–dirt pile from back patio flashing work will be removed/redistributed. Note: These clean-outs are usually in a vault, or have other access markers, but ours do not. Open question (for the Board): should we have Plowboy make all of these accessible as they work on those hedges, or mark them with flags.

Door Threshold detail: the stainless clips are being used wherever possible; wood where necessary (when the back of the threshold is too tight to the metal). This is on the inside.

Roof drain testing: post-testing complete for 910s; pre-testing completed for 930s on June 7.

Next meeting: Tuesday June 25, 2013, 11am.

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I've been an environmentalist since my college days in the 1970s (May 1977 Seabrook, New Hampshire occupation) , and am now a professor of German history at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
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