930s: Log of construction activities, weeks 4-7 (illustrated)

Week 4 (June 10-14)
Entry courtyard tiles scored, then demo’d 2 days later. Very loud and dusty. You can get an impression of the sound in the video walk-by: http://youtu.be/hawqgtcBMIU.
Back windows boxed, back patio cement demo’d around perimeter. All Stucco around back side d/w removed after scoring the previous week. Upper deck framing was completed on all units in the cluster.ImageImage

Week 5 (June 17-21).
Framing work on back patios–doors removed. Carport ledger caulked & paper prepped. More tufflex on upper deck. Scoring of courtyard walls for stucco demo (might not have been deep enough–done again next week). New upper deck door installed–very public with the big windows & workers still up there: put up a curtain! More tufflex on upper deck–full coating with sand. My 3 windows in dining room installed (still behind plywood, invisible from inside).Image

Note the how the new back trellises don’t have a ledger on the study or living room walls:Image

Week 6 (June 24-28).
Lots of flashing work, which (at ground level) includes tufflex, hammering, screwing. Later paper and wire mesh to hold the stucco are installed–again lots of hammering. The back side boxes over the doors/windows was removed going clockwise around the cluster. They just got to my doors, did the 3 windows the following week. Entry courtyard stucco was scored, then demo’d a few days later.ImageThis is how the walls look after final prepping, prior to application of the various stucco, Sto waterproofing & color coats.

Week 7 (July 1-5).
My 3 dining room windows were unboxed (yay), only to be followed the next day by the boxing up of the other side of the house, including the utility and Juliet doors. I unhooked my garage door opener so that I can go in & out easily through the garage.Image

Living room boarded up, next photos show foyer and study:


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I've been an environmentalist since my college days in the 1970s (May 1977 Seabrook, New Hampshire occupation) , and am now a professor of German history at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
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