June 25 Construction meeting notes

Schedule update.
910s: Unfortunately, the final punch list will not close out this week. The contractor(s) have not completed their own confirmation that all work has been done to specifications (completion list). Bob can’t do his punch list (with the architect) until SM receives confirmation from contractors. At that time Stonemark will solicit input from homeowners. Bob and the contractors & higher-ups (bosses) inspected unit(s) in this cluster at this point (prior to Bob’s punch list) as a courtesy to the contractor, but this is not the norm.
See separate item “How homeowners submit a punch list,” below.
900s: stucco color coating and final roof tile installation (over living room) on the final pod is being completed today. Concrete pouring in back patios will be done soon. Some of the storage bins can now be consolidated and removed, alleviating the parking congestion.
920s: all doors & windows now set; drywall and trim in progress; then exterior patching, plastering & finish coat.
930s: All decks are reframed & waterproofed (final color coat after plaster work); all trellises are rebuilt. Back side doors being set this week. The boxing of study & kitchen windows will be moved to the other, entry side this week. This has begun today, proceeding clockwise around the cluster.
940s: trellises were removed yesterday (6/24), stucco demo has begun. NOTE: the stucco demo starts with scoring of 1-2′ rectangles. This is the peak of dustiness, so if you want to do taping and plastic covering, this is the time. The demo of the perimeter courtyard tiles will be done right after too, this is also very loud and dusty.
950s: tomorrow 6/26 the first cluster meeting will take place.

How homeowners submit punch lists to Bob:
1) wait for Bob/Jacklyn to ask–once the contractors, both interior and exterior, have said that they’re done;
2) email is the preferred method, could also be a pdf (or a fax to Jacklyn, who would scan it);
3) Bob and the architect will be creating his own at about the same time. Bob will compile a master list using the homeowner list as well.

FAQ: What if a homeowner is not in the area at that time? They can submit a list when they return. Obvious issues that were missed will be remedied.

Bob will discuss with Jacklyn whether they want to create some sort of area/item checklist to expedite this process for both the project and homeowners.

Question regarding lifetime of elastomeric was not addressed.

Next meeting: Tuesday July 9, 2013, 10:15am.

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