July 10 Construction meeting notes

Overall process: one month deck & trellis work; one month door & window work; one month plaster & stucco work. Harold’s record for 930s: Deck & trellis work May 20-June 19. Demo June 7-13 mainly (week 4). Back windows/doors boxed June 11-28; ctyd windows boxed July 7-?22?. (Some were opened by July 12–dates for 932 only.)

Schedule: overall, the project is about 2 weeks behind the schedule published on June 6. Stonemark will release a new schedule soon.
910s: punch list items being completed (still, soooo sorry! thanks for forebearance)
900s: all scaffolding is now down. Caulking, clean-up, door adjustments, doorbells–JEM is doing the completion list now (prior to SM+owners’ “punch list”)
920s: drywall work is complete, trim is going on, Sto coat almost done, then color coat in next 1-2 weeks (by 7/26 or so)
930s: windows & doors in courtyards are being set, moving clockwise, 2 units completed.
940s: refoofing in high gear, also deck & trellis reconstruction, and rear patio stucco demo (this is the REALLY LOUD stuff!)
950s: demo may start around July 12-19.  [note: June 7 schedule says start on July 8, so indeed about 1-2 weeks behind.]
960s: cluster meeting ca. July 11, then about a week later roof & trellis demo start. [note: June 7 schedule says start on Aug. 12, so starting sooner–see next item, but taking longer.]

Roofers & trellis work will proceed ahead of the other crews. There is now a bucket truck on site, so they won’t have to wait for scaffolding or use the forklift truck for some work.

“Rain” tests. Some owners in 910s have tried to replicate wet weather with hoses and found leaks. However when waterproofing consultant did a more downward angle from a ladder, leaks were not replicated. We will await their reports. There were slight hardware (deadbolt) leaks after 30 mins, which may be solved by tightening.

House numbers on carport trellises. These look good there, but it is too late to make this a permanent placement as part of the project. The Association can explore this at a later date.

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I've been an environmentalist since my college days in the 1970s (May 1977 Seabrook, New Hampshire occupation) , and am now a professor of German history at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
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