Watch out for nails (email thread on flat tire danger!)

Harold: the emails below were sent to the community list on Sept 11, continuing until Sept. 15 with Harry’s photo of the “catch” of his magnetic sweep:

Harry's magnet found over 100 items around his unit.

Harry’s magnet found over 100 items around his unit.

I’ll add that Dorothy has sent around several warnings about this since last fall, and that the contractors have been notified. However, since it is impossible to prove which nail came from where, homeowner vigilance is the best remedy: walk to your mailbox and keep an eye peeled!
Dear Neighbors,
this morning I got my first flat tire, due to a gigantic nail. Several hours and hundreds of dollars later, I am sending this warning so that, hopefully, it won’t happen to you. Since my car was parked in the visitor lot next to the 970s, I believe the nail must have been on the road. Maybe we can all keep an eye out for nails & screws on the road as we drive, bike or walk out or in–in addition to checking around our units and clusters as we already do?
Dominique 977
The roofing trucks ‘race’ around the outer roadway (and often turn around in my cluster) spreading nails long after the roofing work in the cluster was done. As Dominque notes, I always go not only behind my garage, but out to the mail boxes in the first cluster to make sure that I don’t drive over any nails.

I was surprised to still be finding nails until I saw the truck driving into my cluster and the speed at which it was moving.

Cynthia 919

Dog walkers unite! Those walks are a great time to find nails. I collect
one or two on the perimeter road most days I’m home. In our cluster, I’ve
been finding a few each day around 4 to 5 pm (18 nails on Monday) on the
few weekdays I’m home. It will help if we all ramp up the patrols, to
protect our tires and our feet.

This information should be sent to the roofers, in particularly Frank,  who drives the truck, so that they are more careful in the future and  perhaps inspect the road after they are done each day. Maybe the board  would like to send the message.
Eduardo Raposo, #913.

Sigh, so sad to hear that this is still happening. I’ve experienced three flat tires since the construction started, all from a variety of nails and screws. Sears will repair a puncture for $20.
Bob Nieder
Unit# 911

Thanks for the tip, Bob. And thanks to Tess for the dog walking / nail spotting patrols!
What I found was that if you get insurance on your new tires, which costs about $20, they will fix or replace them free of charge for the lifetime of the tires. I think it’s well worth it.

Better yet for COSTCO members who buy their tires at COSTCO, they fix your flats and rotate your tires for free.
===========Sept. 14 the thread migrated to nails in the landscaping; I don’t have all of the posts; Cynthia noted that she found lots of nails in the greenscape around her unit.
How about once the construction is over, you hire someone (me) to go through the entire complex with a metal detector. Problem solved.
We have a metal detector you can use.
Catherine Weinberger
Harry Nelson:
Another possibility is to sweep with one of these…. perhaps they even can be rented…
However, the metal detector is still a good idea for non-magnetic metals.
Wow! Our neighbor in the 960’s stepped on a nail in the garden area and drove it into the sole of his shoe. Be careful folks until we can get this cleaned up.

Tetanus shots up to date?

Found 5 mails today in the common drive area in the 960’s.


While we had some nails in our cluster, nothing like what you show has turned up. I wonder if the accelerated work schedule is a factor, causing them to be less meticulous about these things as they pick up the pace.
Juan, 900s
Hi Juan… when I walked around before sweeping with the magnet, I saw maybe 5 nails (or screws) on the surface.
I was surprised at how many popped up out of the dirt when
I dragged the magnet around. I should have said 100 fasteners… add up the nails + screws to get over 100.
I think all the metal was magnetic… lath + fasteners mainly.
all the best, Harry

Thanks Harry! I would urge everyone to be extra careful while walking around. Construction debris has reached Palm Plaza and to a much smaller extent, the swimming pool area. Most likely the workers are not always responsible for this spread, as I cannot imagine how a worker could have dropped the screw I found in the swimming pool area, many feet inside the fence. Ideally, kids should always wear sturdy shoes and long pants while playing outside. But of course the weather and children’s whims are not always cooperative. So we can only do our best. And yes, keeping our tetanus shots up to date is always a good idea. Maybe Hilary and I should invest in a magnet, too. Harry: any suggestions on how to go about getting one? 🙂
Xiao-bin (967)

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