Sept 17 Construction Meeting Notes

Harold, Dorothy and Bob met from 11:02am to noon.

Nails, screws, metal scraps on hardscape and in landscaping. Bob called an “all hands” meeting at 10am Monday–all of the foremen and workers came together for a discussion on safety & leaving a secure and safe job site. They will take much greater care to pick up any nails etc. when they see them–no matter whose they are, and to clean up more carefully at the end of the day. The roofer, plasterers and general contractor are now all aware and have agreed to this. However, we cannot expect a 100% find rate, but remain vigilant and take precautions.

Upper deck doorstop. The bumper that keeps the deck doorknob from hitting the parapet wall (also found on utility room and some other open-out doors) is a flexible model that rusts, and bends when not hitting at 90 degrees, allowing the lever to strike the wall (see separate post with multiple photos). In the meantime Stonemark has priced out a rigid aluminum stop, which will be installed wherever there are currently stops (upper deck, utility door, some other doors). The new ones are scheduled to arrive today. The replacement work for the 900s-920s will be done when the NRP door hinges are replaced. From the 930s on these will be installed directly. Note that these are screwed into the doors, whereas we previously had semi-spherical models that were mounted on the walls.Image
If your unit had “gooseneck” stops in the tile or concrete flooring before the LRP, those will be replaced with similar models. If you didn’t have any, you won’t get any.
Discussion why the architect chose to change these from the existing saucer-type mounted on the wall, and whether the Board would want to make an executive decision to “match existing.” (Not known why this principle wasn’t followed in this case.)
Considerations: Aesthetics, user-friendliness, cost, time–we’d have to see what we think about these issues. Would it have to be run by the architects? Given the cost concern, it would be good to let them know, even if not officially soliciting an opinion. Would this affect any warranty? We don’t know, but it is not a big deal.
The flexible stops cost $0.68, the aluminum ones $2-3. Harold found a ” Convex Door Stop, Wall Mount” for $4.69. If only the 930s-970s got these, we’d need about 90 of them (2/cluster x 5 clusters x 9units/cluster), for an added cost of $180 or so.
Wall units would be used only on units that don’t have those installed in the door already, with no choice. The Board should decide this. [It was discussed briefly at the 9/17 Board meeting, but until the warranty issue is resolved the Board doesn’t want to make a call on this.] (see separate blog post)

Door edge and jamb painting. It was clarified that the door edges–top and sides will NOT be painted blue (if the owner has chosen to have blue on interior courtyard doors), whereas the jambs (the framing in the house wall) WILL be painted blue. If blue paint was “slopped” onto the edge of a door it will be cleaned up during the completion/punch list process. (Note that owners are responsible for painting–or not–the white interior of the doors.)Image

Progress report. 

910s: Punch list items in progress.

900s: Punch list items in progress.

920s: First two units are into punch list.

930s: The color coat is almost complete on several pods, will be complete next week with scaffolding coming down, and final roof tile installation following. Exterior lights are being installed. (Do the roofers need the scaffolding? Not necessary, but convenient. The stucco contractor calls in that he is done, but the scaffolder may not come right away to pick them up.)

940s: Are about 4 weeks behind the 930s: all doors & windows are installed and papered in, with some fine tuning in progress. Courtyard tile work is in progress.

950s: Door setting is about 2/3 complete; last doors will be set this week.

960s: Boxing up of back side doors in progress, with first ones being removed now (photo).Image

970s: Roof work well underway; deck and trellis work is imminent.

Roof work/Tile loading: All roof work, except the tiles that can’t be installed until after the final stucco coat, is expected to be done (“dried in”) by the end of October or early November. However, the cement tiles won’t be loaded in advance anymore, since so much leaf debris settles up there and must be cleared off before the tiles can be installed (lesson from the 920s). When the roof work is done, the 910s parking lot containers will be removed. One fewer unsightly thing to see when driving in!

Question about a broken courtyard window: please report this to Bob as soon as possible, so that the responsible party can be determined. If this is impossible, the cost will fall to the project.

Damage to shrubs at base of scaffold ladder: this could have been avoided if the shrub had been cut back to clear a path to the ladder. Can Bob work with the landscaper to try to mitigate damage?Image

Next meeting: tentatively Tuesday Oct. 1, 2013, 11am. 


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2 Responses to Sept 17 Construction Meeting Notes

  1. cskaplan says:

    I’m afraid that I’ve not made note of the replacement of NRP door hinges. Does this include all units in the first and second clusters? (i.e., does it include 919?) Can a short message be sent to those who can expect hinges to be replaced and what the time schedule is for this? Since my door stopper is already rusted and the paint on the deck stains, it would be good to can it replaced sooner, rather than waiting for something later. Many thanks. Cynthia

  2. fygenson says:

    Was there any discussion of the whiteness on the outside where doors meet stucco?

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