Replacing Window crank handle with “propeller” model

I just replaced two of my long window crank arms with the shorter “propeller” type that don’t stick out so far. It does take more time to turn them to open the windows though. I bought a package of two (aisle 16 at Home Depot, right hand side about stomach height, $5.78). These are “universal”–come with 5 sizes of plastic sheath (ours need no. 3). The Home Depot propellers are slightly smaller in outside diameter than the original cranks, so a thin ring of bare metal shows. Not a big deal but since I was painting anyway I decided to put the red plastic cap back on, mask the screen, and spray paint them. (Better idea: use a small brush!) Below are a series of photos illustrating the process. has 2 similar products for roughly the same price:
Ideal Security, 4-pack for $8, and Prime Line, 2 for $5.78.
If you didn’t do “match existing” and want to replace all of yours, a full set including the “Juliet windows” would need 11 of these I think (4 living room, 2 foyer, 3 family, 2 master bedroom). If anyone tries the amazon models, please report here in the comments whether those cover the entire metal base.



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I've been an environmentalist since my college days in the 1970s (May 1977 Seabrook, New Hampshire occupation) , and am now a professor of German history at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
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2 Responses to Replacing Window crank handle with “propeller” model

  1. cskaplan says:

    I chose the folding handle model and have been satisfied. They stick out
    a bit less. I paid to have someone else install them and they got them from the manufacturer. It is possible to put in handles which fold into the frame, but to do so the window arm and the part which attaches to the handle must be replaced. As I recall, this cost around $110., or so per window. I didn’t think that it saved enough space to be worth doing. Cynthia

  2. bullobullo says:

    Quick question: Was anybody able to reuse the blinds they previously had on any of the windows?
    We also now have the crank models that stick out and wondered about trying to use our old blinds that were pretty new. I also realize the door handles are now different and stick out more.
    Did you all have to order new blinds? Thanks for the help,
    Lily 945

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