Oct. 15 Construction Meeting Notes

Harold, Dorothy and Bob met on Tuesday from 10:20am to 11:10.

Nails again: Owners are reporting flat tires again. We have seen heightened awareness by contractors, and crews out with magnets. The question is whether the situation has improved since these new measures were implemented, and whether it has improved enough. Saving the incriminating nails can help Bob find the source of the problem.

Roof work: Tiles are loaded for the 930s & 40s; 950s being loaded now. Installation will begin when the ; 60s & 70s are waterproof. When the final stucco coat is done (930s), all can be installed, otherwise roofs that abut a stucco wall have to wait until after color coat. The roofer’s storage containers at the 910s will remain somewhat longer.

Outdoor electric outlet covers: The project will be reinstalling these. If owners want to have their own models (e.g. with special covers for plugs that are permanently left in), they should supply those.WindowWeatherstrippingOpen

Question of white weather stripping around new doors & windows: It is not designed to be painted. Owners may paint at their own risk. (photos show the weatherstripping around an awning window open and closed)

Deck & trellis work: All decks are in, almost all trellis work is complete (970s). The grassy area being used to paint trellises should be restored within about 3 weeks, and that crew’s storage containers removed as well.

awning window weatherstripping, closed

awning window weatherstripping, closed

Cement pouring. GEM is aware that it needs to be scheduled.

Cement Tile Sealer. Bob will find out the product specs and supply them, so owners can use a compatible product if/when they seal their courtyard tiles.

Landscaping. Brian/Plowboy has been doing clean-up around the 910s, repairing irrigation, etc. They are thinking about putting in mulch until planting decisions have been made and are ready to be implemented for the entire complex. November is an optimal planting month, as natural irrigation and cooler temperatures can be expected.

Progress report

900s, 910s, 920s: Bob has completed his punch lists for these clusters, and these items are being worked on. *Everyone* (not just owners) is eager to get these items taken care of, but it is often difficult to finalize detail work.

930s: Punch lists are being compiled for this cluster as well. Window cleaning and caulking around the entry courtyards is in progress. The remaining scaffolding has been “called” (is no longer being paid for) and should be removed this week. The dumpster and port-a-potty will be removed this week as well.
Roof tile installation won’t begin until the waterproofing (underlayment and PVC) is complete in the 960s and 970s. It should happen in October. Cement pouring hopefully soon.

940s: Stuccoing is in progress. The gray Sto waterproofing coat is almost done. The general contractor is working on his completion list items there now, prior to having Bob come in to compile his.
The crew of painters is now up to 10 men, and they are working on this cluster.

950s: Juliet door bars (for the match-existing units) will be installed this week (a matter of a half hour each). Plasterers are essentially done with the lathing. It will then wait for a week or so until the stucco work on the 940s is done.

960s: All rear door/window work is complete. The front courtyard windows are being worked on, about 3 units will remain to be done at the end of this week. Essentially all plaster demo is complete (some pecking out may still need to be done).

970s: Boxing up of back patio and family room doors/windows will start at the end of this week.

Next meeting: Tuesday Oct. 29, 2013, 11am.


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I've been an environmentalist since my college days in the 1970s (May 1977 Seabrook, New Hampshire occupation) , and am now a professor of German history at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
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3 Responses to Oct. 15 Construction Meeting Notes

  1. cskaplan says:

    I appreciate knowing about sealing because nothing was told to the first group, or at least to me. However, as far as I know we are still waiting to find out how to clean the decks.

    • hmarcuse says:

      Hi Cynthia, thanks–unless you want it sooner, I’ll put this question on the agenda for the 10/29 meeting.
      If you have other questions, let me know–sometimes I feel I’m only asking what is of relevance in my cluster and wish I knew more what other clusters want to know.

  2. Greetings All,

    The cloudburst in the early morning of October 29 resulting in a substantial leak in our master bedroom at 956. Two holes opened up in our master bedroom ceiling, directly above as one entered from the main door at the top of the staircase. The leak was traced to a long (2 foot or so) slice in the Sarnafil covering our `flat roof’ section above the washer/dryer are. Picture below. Other similar slices are on our roof at 956 and on the roof of the unit at 957. -Harry

    I tried to make a blog entry for this and the photo, but wordpress ended up starting an independent blog instead. I have no idea why.


    best, Harry

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