Nov. 12 Construction meeting notes

Key items: door hardware waterproofing fix; skylight installation, where to get matching paint.

Harold, Dorothy and Bob met from 10:35am to 11:35.

Door hardware waterproofing: A test with caulking and an estimate for $25/door was performed. This is being evaluated whether it is up to the standard set by Roofing Forensics.

Waterproofing & Roofing Forensics (Rick Snow and Rodney Hendrix) are here today (11/12) to do an inspection, including the final inspection of those roofs where all tiles are placed (that is, up to the 930s).

Final stages of roof work: The skylights come AFTER the final tile placement. When the O’Hagin vents are installed during the final placement (after the stucco color coat), the installers are supposed to vacuum through the hole to remove debris from the attic spaces. However owners may want to check on this if they have a “finished” attic (for storage).

Punch lists in progress still: BUT real progress is being made. However there have been some glitches with particular units. There will be a meeting with JEM, Bart and Gail on Friday 11/15 to resolve why this is still happening.

Doorstops: the longer rigid ones are due to arrive in a day or two. Access to the interior will be needed, but some homeowners are at the end of their patience because punch list items have dragged on for so long. Bob is working on a protocol to communicate with homeowners so that they aren’t constantly on notice, but only on the days access is necessary. The “NRP” door hinge replacements may or may not be able to be installed at the same time (unfortunately).

Painting: touch up going on in the 930s & 40s, main work in the 50s & 60s. The Sherwin-Williams store on Milpas has all paint specs on file for this project, ask for West Campus Point HOA or JEM construction, also for the stucco colors. Harold will inquire about this.
If you want to paint the silver flashing (stainless steel) under the weep screeds, for example in the entry courtyard, it can be painted but needs a special primer.

Concrete pouring: all back patios in the 900s-930s, half of the 940s, and the 970s have been done. The rest will wait until the scaffolding comes down.

Progress report. 

900s, 910s, 920s, 930s: Bob has compiled his punch lists for these clusters. Given the rate of completion the first two clusters should be done in about 2 weeks, then the 20s, 30s and 40s will be done.

940s: Stuccoing almost done. Ready for punch list inspections to start.

950s: More than half have their color coating.

960s: The Sto flexyl is going on now.

970s: All the rear patio doors have been installed. The front side is being waterproofed, and the doors are being installed in a few units. The doors should all be installed during the week before Thanksgiving. The scaffolding is going up now (started 11/9, continuing today 11/12).

Next meeting: Tuesday Nov. 26, 2013, 10:30am.


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