Feb. 19 Stonemark newsletter

Dear WCP Homeowners,

The following tasks are projected for next week.

Cluster/ Units 911 through 919: 
*          Exterior plastering will continue with application of the Sto stucco waterproofing product
*          Rough framing will begin for the new doors and windows in the courtyards. This is to start at Unit 911 and make its way around the cluster.
*          After the courtyards, rough framing will commence at the back patios
*          Roof work will continue with installation of the Sarnafil roofing. Expect periods of demolition activity.
*          Demolition will continue in the rear patios of concrete slabs/tile adjacent to doors to be replaced
*          All the new deck doors are in!

Cluster/ Units 901-909:  No new tasks are scheduled but the following work will continue:

*          Scaffolding installation until all buildings in this cluster are entirely scaffolded

*          Plaster patching and repair will be periodic

*          Roof work will include installation of the Sarnafil roofing. Expect periods of demolition activity.

Cluster/ Units 921 through 928.  
*          Trellis Work:
o         Remaining trellis demolition & repairs at the carports, 2nd story decks and patios.
o         Plaster demolition and repairs associated with the trellis work
o         Please do not park in your carports during the day until further notice. Please don’t forget!
o         Patio trellises will also be repaired (and repainted later in the project). Please clear the patio work areas of any personal items.
o         All trellises on the 2nd story decks will be removed.

*          Deck work will begin.  So you know what to expect, the overall scope of work for the 2nd story decks includes:
*          Plaster demolition at garage decks and on roofs. Removal of the existing trellis.
*          Installation of new plywood with proper slope, deck waterproofing and transition flashings.
*          Anticipate this work to be noisy & dusty. Keep your doors & windows closed.
*          Your deck door will be screwed shut from the outside for your safety. It will remain screwed shut until all work to the deck is complete.
*          Several coats of waterproofing will be applied to the decks over a period of time.
*          Let us know if you need assistance moving large or heavy items. The contractors may be available to assist at no direct cost to you – although the overall project will bear the costs. They will request that you sign a waiver.

Last Tuesday we held a meeting for homeowners in the 921 to 928 cluster to outline the next stage. For those who could not attend, we offer this brief and general sequence of events you can expect. Please understand that tasks may proceed out of sequence.

1.      Owner relocates belongings from decks, courtyards and patios to provide clear areas for construction work.
2.      Demolish and replace trellis at front carport and rear patios. There is a measure of plaster demolition and repair associated with this work.
3.      Demolish decks and replace with new; perform waterproofing and associated tasks (see above).
4.      Demolish 18″ perimeter of tiles in courtyard and erect scaffold.
5.      Start roof work with all associated plaster demolition and replacement.

6.      Replace all doors and windows per replacement schedule with all associated plaster demolition and replacement.
7.      Plaster exterior.
8.      Replace courtyard tiles.
9.      Final clean.

We’d like to also mention that occasionally the contractors might use your water. The amounts used are very nominal and are being used for the common good of the Association. We appreciate your understanding.

Please note that construction activities start every morning at 7:30am. As always, please remember that the Project Schedule provided is subject to change. Construction is a fluid process, especially when it is organized in an assembly-line process to be cost-efficient for the Association.  The nature of an assembly-line is to keep the project moving- wherever it requires it.  This means the contractors may or may not actually be working at your home on the days scheduled, or may appear only briefly.  In the event of a rain day, assume scheduled events will be pushed back to the following non-rain day.

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I've been an environmentalist since my college days in the 1970s (May 1977 Seabrook, New Hampshire occupation) , and am now a professor of German history at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
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